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Faulkner Hospital 



Twenty years of Service — a Massa- 
chusetts Corporation, management similar 
to the Massachusetts General Hospital, 
under Board of Trustees. Equipment and 
funds amounting to 3632,000 — a hospital 
of 75 beds, recognized by the American 
College of Surgeons. 


Up to May 1, 1923, has cared for 13,682 
patients. It has been run as a public in- 
stitution for the service of the public with 
no thought of private gain. Its income of 
3113,000 last year entirely devoted to the 
maintenance, greater efficiency and ex- 
tension of its work. 

Training School 

Throughout the United States there is a 
definite lack of well-trained nurses. The 
Faulkner Hospital is conducting an excep- 
tional Training School, rendering its gradu- 
ates eligible to registration in the leading 

The expenses incurred in making this ap 
undertaken, so that all donations will 

Make checks payable to Ingersoll Bowd 


The housing of nurses becomes our most 
serious problem. Attractive and comfort- 
able living quarters are a necessity if we 
are to maintain in training the high type of 
women required in the profession. 

Temporary quarters, not easy of access, 
secured by an agreement which expires 
within a year and a half, are at present used, 
together with small home on the hospital 
grounds, needed for a Medical Ward. 


A new home to house all nurses under 
one roof. Careful estimates show that 
3250,000 will be required for the home and 
necessary changes. 

Memorial Suggestions 

Reception Hall 315,000 

Recreation Room 10,000 

Infirmary . . - 10,000 

Class Room and Equipment . . 5,000 

A Nurse's Room 2,000 

Reference Library 1,000 

(Income to be used) 

Equipment and Furniture . . . 250 

(A nurse's room) 

were provided before the campaign was 
nto actual construction and equipment. 

, Treasurer, 111 Devonshire Street, Boston 


President Vice-President 

Nelson Curtis Charles J. Nichols 


Ingersoll Bowditch 

111 Devonshire Street, Boston 

Miss Emily G. Denny 

Miss Cornelia Bowditch 
Samuel Cabot 
Mrs. Henry B. Chapin 
Herbert L. Hammond 
Miss Ellen C. Morse 
Ernest L. Rueter 
Channing W. Souther 
George W. Wheelwright, Jr. 

Endorsement Committee 
Franklin G. Balch, M.D. 
Henry Jackson, M.D. 
Arthur N. Broughton, M.D. 
W. Cameron Forbes 
Prof. Charles S. Sargent 
Frederic A. Washburn, M.D. 
T. Nelson Perkins 
George L. Howland, M.D. 
Frank H. Lahey, M.D.